Julianna Schley is an accomplished screenwriter and director. She made her feature debut in 2015 with her dark comedy, Don't Be Like Roy. Since then, she has written many more features and shorts.
Here is what Manohla Dargis of the New York Times had to say about Moonrise Kingdom :
"Breezes along with a beautifully coordinated admixture of droll humor, deadpan and slapstick." 
-Manohla Dargis; NY Times
Don't Be Like Roy (2015)
Genre: Dark Comedy | Role: Writer / Director
After noticing striking similarities between her new lover and her ex-boyfriend Roy, a controlling woman enacts a manipulative campaign to prevent him from meeting the same fate.

Five Minute Clip from Don't Be Like Roy -- please email me for a screener link.

Coming Fall 2022 (currently in pre-production):
Stop World -- Existential Comedy -- In 2025, a jaded time-traveler attempts to save his doomed relationship while an aging actress auditions for the last original role before actors are replaced with holograms.

In Pre-Production:
Rough Cut -- Thriller -- When a cynical film critic discovers she is being stalked by a scorned filmmaker, she must escape before his “new movie” reaches its deadly conclusion.
Cancel Island -- Dark Comedy -- After being canceled, Amber Heard joins a new reality show to compete against other disgraced celebrities to win her old life back, but soon discovers the consequences of losing are deadly.
Yucca Man -- Horror -- While shooting a documentary about an abandoned military town with a riddled past, a cynical producer and his film crew accidentally awaken an ancient evil known by the locals as the “Yucca Man.”
Death By California -- Dark Comedy -- After his childhood best friend gains success in Hollywood, a well-meaning but delusional screenwriter enacts a plan to return him to New York City before he becomes brainwashed by his employer: a malevolent entertainment company called Buzzie.
Short Work:

The Signs in the Snow -- My 2009 college thesis film

Clips from my 2018 "Fake Oscars" -- a live-action stage and video sketch show about the Oscar contenders that year. Written and directed by me.

Sketch from 2017

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