Produced Films:

Don't Be Like Roy (2016)
Genre: Dark Comedy | Role: Writer / Director
After noticing striking similarities between her new lover and her ex-boyfriend Roy, a controlling woman enacts a manipulative campaign to prevent him from meeting the same fate.
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Cancel Island
A seemingly wholesome influencer on a private island retreat discovers that she and her friends are now contestants on a brutal reality show, and must escape before they are each hunted down and “canceled” permanently.

Death By California
Dark Comedy
After his childhood best friend gains success in Hollywood, a well-meaning but delusional screenwriter enacts a plan to return him to New York City before he becomes brainwashed by his employer: a malevolent entertainment company called Buzzie.

Yucca Man
While scouting out a rundown desert village for the site of a fashion show, a cynical fashion designer awakens a malevolent force known as the “Yucca Man,” which hunts him and his cohorts down, one by one.
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